Conference Room Chairs for Meetings

Choosing the right conference room chair is not an easy task. It is a balancing act of finding something that is ergonomic, comfortable and within your budget. So that you can have productive, enjoyable meetings without discomfort or interference from the chairs. You need something that won’t take hours for everyone to adjust every time they sit down, but at the same time they have to adhere to everyone’s ergonomic requirements. As you may already know, ergonomics should be one of the most important factors in your workplace. This will ensure that there won’t be unnecessary strain on everyone, meaning longer and more productive conferences. Below we will help you find just what you are looking for, in every price range.



Choosing the Right Chair for the Conference Room

Making the right choice may not be as easy as it first looks. Below we have something things that you should look out for when choosing the right chair.

Adjustability and Ergonomics
One of the most important choices, as there will be multiple people using the chairs, the chairs have to be easily and quickly adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. So your conference can start as soon as possible. There are quite a few adjustments available such as lumbar support, height, seat position and lean resistance. Some chairs are adaptive meaning you have less settings as the chair automatically adjusts to the individual’s body.

Wheels and the type
You have some choices to make for the wheel types. There’s soft rubber and non-marking caster, for hard floors so they roll easily and do not damage or mark the flooring. Carpet casters, is there is carpet in the conference room. Multi surface wheels are great if you know or are not sure what surfaces the chairs may be used on. Maybe you don’t even need casters or wheels, then a stationary chair would be perfect for your meeting room.

Material choice is also a thing to look out for, depending on the heat of the environment and use case such as will the conference room be used to eat in. You have quite a few choices, if it is a warmer environment then a mesh or fabric chairs will be a lot better and feel cooler than leather. If there is a danger of food or dirt getting on the chairs then mesh and leather are your best bets, as they are a lot easier to clean than fabrics.

The Chairs


Aeron by Herman Miller is one of the most iconic chairs, perfect for any conference. Highly adjustable and the mesh design gives breath-ability and the ability to sit and work for hours without strain or fatigue, thanks to the Aeron distributing your weigh evenly and supporting your body where it matters.


Embody by Herman Miller is the younger brother of the Aeron, with many improvements and technologies. It features a responsive and adaptive backrest, giving the utmost comfort and ergonomics without the user needing to spend time on messing around with settings.


Steelcase has really perfected their flagship product with the 2ND iteration of the leap chair. Featuring natural glide system and the Liveback. The whole chair moves with your body through the day, letting you sit more healthily in comfort. It is available in a range of colors letting you match the chair to the room. If you cannot decide between the Aeron and the Leap, read about the differences between Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Aeron. Which should help you figure out which one is best for you.


Sayl from Herman Miller has one of the more expressive designs. Comfortable, ergonomic and fun is what this chair is all about. With its unique 3D intelligent back that molds and moves in sync with your back, lets everyone sit in comfort without the need of manual adjustments. Produces with the environment in mind, using environmentally friendly recyclable materials.


Mira is a lightweight chair that suspends your body. Using flexible materials it conforms to your body and supports it throughout the day. Easily and quickly adjustable, great for any conference. Responsive design adapting to your every movement.


Amia from Steelcase is the more affordable from Steelcase. Featuring technologies such as LiveLumbar that supports your back through the motions of the day as you work. Hidden mechanisms for less distractions work quietly underneath, providing support and comfort through the day.


One of the best looking and affordable chairs while still giving you some adjustability and ergonomic features. Mesh back and padded bottom lets you sit in comfort.


Simple design and a lot of comfort. Lexmod gives you an affordable option for any meeting room. White vinyl that looks great and is easy to take care of. Polished aluminium letting it stand out in the room as a feature.


Comfort and simplicity, with its modern design it would look great in any conference room. Heavily padded lets you sink in and float as you work.